November 7, 2009

Wine Movie of the Month!

Wine can be confusing. It can have so many flavorings (tannic, Madeirized, buttery, grape-y...), come from so many countries (France, Italy, Argentina, California...), and be so many colors (red, white, rose... red again). Also, if you drink too much of it, you can become even more confused.

So in 2004, John Cleese—yes, that one—endeavored to educate the non-oenophilic public with "Wine for the Confused," which you can watch in full on Hulu. Check out a clip from it below.

So when you're bored between final reads this week, pop it into your Internet browser. Cheers!


  1. Ok, so I watched this whole thing. A pretty good introduction, I'd say. Cheesy production values, but you can't not like John Cleese.

  2. Correction: Cleesy production values. Also, remember that it's a made-for-TV movie.