November 8, 2009

Thursday, Nov. 5 — Around the world

I apologize for this delayed post—the wine-induced emotions of this Thursday past proved so amplitudinous as to render me wordless.

2006 Punto Reserva (Argentina) 
We liked this wine, either in the usual plastic cups or in our shiny new wine glasses. It seemed unusually purple and, to some, undesirably grapacious. One of our new members considered it too acidic. But these critics were drowned out by the compliments of the rest, one of whom detected in his glass the flavor of "a sort of wood." 92.

2008 Robertson Winery Gewurztraminer (South Africa)
My own skepticism toward this wine was birthed the moment I spied its twist-off cap. Indeed, we found this wine to be a thing too sweet, beginning with a hint of lychee and ending with a soured soda pop taste. Ben Cotton, peering down his nose, decried it for being "not sophisticated enough," a sentiment that met the group's general approval, despite our own desire to avoid following the well-trod path of oenophilic snobbery. Betsy, offering another point of view, noted that it looked "like pee" but tasted "like sunshine." 78.

2006 Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)
On the whole, we liked this wine. This being our third bottle, we were feeling loosened up, and our descriptive faculties were oriented toward the metaphorical. Thus the following comparisons, some sensible.

If this wine were a [x], it would be...
Park: Central Park
Time of day: dusk
Time of year: late October
Sport: cross-country skiing
Fish: trout
President: James A. Garfield
Font: Georgia
State: New Hampshire

Some taster ventured to call this wine "twiggy." 86.


  1. Definitely cross-country skiing.

  2. Font: Georgia lmao!

    I did a little brief on the Montes Alpha, serious wine. Though I wasn't quite as creative with the analogies...

    Never had a gewurtz from South Africa, intrigued, though maybe not by this one.

    - Sam @thebrokewino