November 1, 2009

Because variety is the spice of life...

Ever since I returned from spending the summer in Portland, Oregon, I have been addicted to pinot noirs. Pinot noirs are a dime a dozen in Oregon because they are perfectly suited for the climate of Oregon's Willamette Valley. They are also pretty darn good. I had a few and stuck with it--even when I returned to the city.

So, this week, with election day break around the corner I popped into my favorite neighborhood wine store--Vino Fino, on Amsterdam near 122nd (go check it, people!) and asked for a recommendation for something different, but similar. Eighteen dollars later, I walked out with Brouilly from Henry Fessy, a French winery.

It turned out pretty good--fruity (but not too much) and full-bodied. Very much like a pinot noir, but I can officially say I branched out. 85.

In case you're looking for more about pinot noirs, check out this NYT article!

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  1. What's your favorite Pinot Noir? Maybe we should do a PN night.